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27 Jan 2023

3 Good Reasons To Hire A Limo Bus For Your Group’s Transportation

Renting a limo bus for your upcoming group outing is the ideal choice because travelling with a big group may be stressful and expensive. With opulent comfort, entertainment options, safety, privacy, and convenience all embedded in one solid package, you won’t ever have to stress about getting everyone where they need to go! 

Making a statement is easy when you ride in luxury in a luxurious limousine bus. There are numerous benefits of considering a limousine rental near me for your upcoming group outing. Listed below are a few only:

Byrd Limousine Service

Relish the comfort of a spacious vehicle:

For your next group excursion, renting a luxury limo bus is the best way to guarantee that everyone will enjoy the trip and arrive at the destination in comfort. For a business occasion or a night out with friends, everyone demands opulent and comfortable transportation. Making every occasion exceptional is easy with a posh limo bus rental. You can travel in these opulent buses in comfort and style thanks to their high-end facilities and plush leather seats. The limo buses are available in several sizes, allowing you to transport any size group in comfort. So why not hire a deluxe limo or party bus to make your next occasion opulent and unforgettable?

Renting a limo or party bus is affordable:

For large groups looking to travel together, renting a limo bus is usually more affordable than renting individual vehicles. This choice not only results in long-term cost savings, but it also guarantees that everyone will arrive in comfort and style. Larger parties can go on limo buses, so you can split the price with your buddies. Whether you’re arranging a special event or a night out on the town, booking a limo bus is the smartest decision you can take.

Party Bus Limousines

Entertainment on board:

You’ll not only have opulent solitude and comfort, but you’ll also have lots of entertainment alternatives available to you on board while traveling on a limo or party bus! Everyone will be entertained while on a limo bus because it is outfitted with TVs, sound systems, and other advanced entertainment features. While watching your preferred programme or movie, feel free to relax on plush leather chairs. Limo buses will always offer the best entertainment when travelling, whether it’s a long-distance trip or just across town! 

Byrd Limousine Service is keen to meet your luxury Limousine Rental Near Me in Claremont, Pasadena, Riverside and the neighboring areas. Feel free to call us at 877-517-9904!



15 Nov 2022

Book Lavish Limousine Service in Glendora, California | Byrd Limo

Welcome to Byrd Limousine service in Glendora. We are a leading limousine rental service provider in Glendora and have been catering to all kinds of clients all over Southern California. Our limousine service in Glendora is of top quality and our customers are our priority.

Byrd Limousine Service

We at Byrd Limousine understand that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The excitement of riding in a limousine, there is nothing like it. And when you book a limousine, it must befor something special. So, we go above and beyond to make your experience a splendid one. Because you are our A-lister!

That is why we make sure your limo rental experience is second to none. From the leather seats to a fully stocked bar to elegant lighting to flat panel screens to a premium sound system, it is the complete package. We handle everything starting from the time you book our vehicle until you arrive back at your homesafely.

Think of us as your limousine liaison. We take everything into consideration and leave no stone unturned to provide you with an exquisite experience. Every detail is handled by our experts so that all you can do is relax and enjoy yourself. We ensure that our guests not only ride in comfort and safety but in style, as well.

Top Reasons to Book with Byrd Limo 

We Do It All: From weddings and anniversaries to party buses and airport shuttle and everything in between, we have you covered.

Our Limos Are Top Notch: We know Glendoran’sare very particular in their taste and expect only the best. So, our limos are lavish, plush, well-appointed, and elegant with all the amenities. We deliver the best for the best!

Flexibility: We can accommodate your every need. Whether it is the location or time of your event or the number of guests, we work with you. We will be there when and where you need us and on time. We will fit into your schedule.

Excellent Service: We provide the highest quality service for the city of Glendora, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our years of experience in the limo industry will shine through.

Luxurious Fleet: We have the latest in luxury. We cater to the great style and class size of the limousine. Whether for professional or elegant extravagance, we have the perfect vehicle to fit your needs.

Hassle-Free Booking: Book with us hassle-freely and let us handle all the details. We will attend to every detail, no matter how small, to make sure you have the most memorable limousine experience ever. If you have any special requests, we will make everything possible to make them happen.

Unbeatable Value: We make certain that you get the most incredible experience at the best possible and most competitive pricing. We give you the most amazing value for your money spent.

First Class Chauffeurs: Professional, on-time, and courteous, our chauffeurs are screened and vetted before ever being allowed behind the wheel. Your safety is our first priority.

Byrd Limo provides professional, reliable, and efficient limousine service in Glendora. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring that all our guests select the vehicle as per their preference and type of occasion.



Byrd Limousine Service
26 Oct 2022

Why Have Quinceanera Limo Rental In Ontario From Byrd Limousine Service

Byrd Limousine Service is ready to assist you with the best limo service. The dedicated professionals will guarantee that your day goes flawlessly and that you can enjoy each moment of your day. So, if you are thinking of renting a Quinceanera limo rental in Ontario, here are some reasons to have it from us at Byrd Limousine Service.

Be the star of the night 

You must have observed Hollywood red carpet events. You have noticed VIP celebrities reach the venue in shiny, sparkly limos. If you hire a limo from us for your Quinceanera, you can receive the same treatment as a megastar. It would be best if you prepared for your life’s journey by wearing the perfect party dress and shoes. Then, you can arrive and depart from the location looking and feeling sophisticated! Additionally, our limousine rentals contain luxurious extras like TVs, champagne, tailored lighting, and much more.

Byrd Limousine Service

Safe and comfortable 

A quinceanera comes once in your life to celebrate. You can have peace of mind when you know that a professional will deal with the journey to the church or reception venue. You do not have to worry about parking slots, traffic jams, or other surprising issues with our limo rental. We will make sure the enjoyment runs as efficiently as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy the day and leave the driving to our professional chauffeurs.

All our chauffeurs are local and have adequately understand the regional traffic pattern. They will follow the shortest route to the church or reception venue, and you will not lose a moment of enjoyment. They will also drive safely and enable you to have a safe and comfortable journey.

Take care of your invitees

Suppose you desire to make your quinceanera celebration more pleasurable and exclusive. In that case, you can utilize our limo to offer transportation to your special guests so they can have a pleasant and comfortable trip to the reception or church. By renting a limousine from us for a Quinceanera, you can celebrate your birthday by having the pleasure of riding the best and most luxurious limousines, perfect according to your unique requirements. Our chauffeurs will not leave a stone unturned to make it possible for your guests and yourself to have the best of comfort and a safe journey. We will customize our services according to your specific requirements.

Byrd Limousine Service

Have enough space 

Your quinceanera celebration will not be without gifts. So, when you return home from the reception, you need to carry those home. Have you thought about how you will bring those? You do not have to bother if you have a limo rental from us. Our limos are spacious, and there will be enough space to pack your gifts. Moreover, our chauffeur will help you to carry those to the limo and from the limo to your house.

We have a fleet of well-maintained limos and professional drivers to drive those. So, if your Quinceanera is nearby, let us know and allow us to offer professional services.



Byrd Limousine Service
26 Sep 2022

Why Depend On Byrd Limousine Service To Have SPAB-Certified Limo Service In Claremont

If you search for SPAB certified limo service near me in Claremont, one of the names of organizations that you will notice is us. Of course, many other organizations offer such services; however, we at Byrd Limousine Service are the organization many depend on to have SPAB-certified limo service. You may be thinking why it is such. Let us look at the qualities that make us a dependable limo service organization in Claremont.

Maintenance of safety standards 

The limousines we make possible to hire maintain all the safety standards the California highway patrol laid. As our limos and party buses maintain strict safety standards, they are the ideal mode of transportation for school kids to and from school or any event.

Our limos and party buses go through vigilant monthly checks, so they are in ideal shape to offer the best transportation. Our chauffeurs check the vehicle’s condition before taking them out of the garage each time. They do not use that limo to offer services if they notice any discrepancy. Along with this, California Highway Patrol inspects our limos and buses annually and offers certificates establishing the safety standards maintained.

Some organizations undertake unlawful methods to surpass the safety standards to maintain. However, it is not possible to evade the vigilant eye of the California Highway Patrol. They have their vehicles seized. Such incidents never happen to us. We think offering safe transportation is our responsibility and do so at any cost.

Services of professional chauffeurs 

As you book our SPAB-certified limos or party buses, you can be sure that a trained, professional, courteous chauffeur will be driving. They have special training to drive safely and follow all traffic rules. We meticulously check our chauffeur’s background; they pass a drug test and DMV checks. They are also locals and are aware of the present traffic condition. Such knowledge helps them to avoid congested roads and to save travel time.

Other aspects making us dependable

Along with these aspects, you can be confident that you will have on-time service and the opportunity to travel in a clean and sanitized vehicle.

We are available 24/7 throughout the year, and whenever you require SPAB-certified limo service, you can call us, and we will be happy to offer the best of services. We are glad to provide services for both corporate and individual clients.

Our rates are also competitive. We do not say that we are the cheapest, but we try to offer the best of services at a competitive rate. Moreover, we are transparent about our prices. We stick to our initial quotation, and there are no hidden charges to astonish you.

So, next time you require SPAB-certified limo service in Claremont, do give us a call. For more information you can email us at info@byrdlimo.com.



Byrd Limousine Service
20 Jul 2022

The Most Reliable and Friendly Limousine Service in Glendora

Finding a taxi company that provides consistently friendly and welcoming drivers, great value, and guarantees an efficient and punctual journey can be difficult. Today, customers may provide feedback on any experience, from shopping at their neighborhood store to traveling on an international airline, so this shouldn’t be the case. Positive customer ratings are crucial, Byrd Limousine strives to satisfy each one of its passengers on every trip, whether it lasts five minutes or an hour.


At Byrd Limousine, we want to prove that we provide the best taxi service in Claremont, Pasadena, Riverside, and the neighboring areas. So how do we go about doing that? To begin with, we ensure that every one of our drivers has a background investigation to confirm that their driver’s license is flawless and that they have not engaged in any other criminal activity. We value our customers’ safety, security, and enjoyment of each trip they take with us. In addition, all of our drivers undergo routine checks. They are continually evaluated to ensure they are offering our cherished consumers the best and safest service possible.


Second, we know how crucial it is for our drivers to show up promptly and ensure the travelers will reach their destinations on time or as early as necessary. After all, worrying about making it in time is the last thing anyone wants before a corporate meeting, a special event, or a flight.


The price of renting a limousine is comparable to booking a taxi, given that an average limousine can comfortably accommodate 6 to 10 persons. However, there is an added level of comfort when using a Glendora Limousine Service. Nothing beats arriving at your intended destination in a Limousine Service Glendora after a long flight or journey.

Ease Of Travel

Another significant benefit of traveling in a Limousine Service in Glendora is comfort. It is widely known that no vehicle or car is more comfortable than a limousine. They are renowned for having plush interiors and cozy seats. So what could be better than arriving at your favorite Glendora location in a luxurious and comfy vehicle?

Ensure productivity

“Time is money” is a famous saying applicable to our limousine service in Glendora. Time is a valuable resource when traveling for business. Therefore, it is convenient to be able to send emails, make calls, and work while going to your chosen location. The cost of traveling in a limousine in Glendora will most likely be made up for by the work put in during the trip.

Make Impression

Our limousine in Glendora limo is the ideal vehicle to impress your clients, friends, or acquaintances. And you don’t have to own one. Make reservations with us and have them take you to your preferred destination in style & also on time. We help you make the right impression at a business meeting. You could also use it to pick up a client from the office & airport.


A traveler’s worst nightmare is arriving late or missing their scheduled flight. So, using our professional Limousine Service in Glendora is stress-free and convenient for business and recreational travelers who need to get to the airport with some time to spare.


We understand how important it is to make our services accessible to everybody. To achieve full accessibility, we offer telephone customer service in English. We ensure as many of our customers feel comfortable and catered to. Another measure we have taken to provide our customers can make a Limousine Service in Glendora with ease of online booking service.

Weigh all the benefits above against the cost of hiring a limo service, and think about what matters to you most. You know the next thing to do if the benefits outweigh the costs. Call us today to book your next journey!



Byrd Limousine Service
07 Apr 2022

Why Chauffeured Airport Car Services Are Increasing in Demand

With the pandemic is yet to over, traveling in today’s world is more stressful than ever. There’s extra pressure to remain safe both during transportation and with accommodations. Time is money and anything you do to save your precious time is going to pay you in the long run.

The way airline travel operates has changed significantly in the recent times as well. You need to give more time to get through check points while trying to stay safe. With all these concerns involved with travel, you need to think wisely to make life easier for yourself. One smart thing you can do is book an airport chauffeur service to make your Claremont to Lax Transportation stress-free.

Here are the tops reasons to consider a chauffeur car service to and from the LAX airport.

Cleanliness & safety concerns:

When you book a ride-sharing or taxi transportation you have no idea how clean or sanitized the vehicle will be or how careful the driver is about your safety.

However, with a specialized airport chauffeur transportation, you can rest easy knowing the vehicle has been cleaned and sanitized thoroughly for your safety. Especially, during this pandemic time, extra precautionary measures need to be executed to safeguard all riders. A trained chauffeur will follow safety guidelines and protocols to keep the rider at ease & comfortable.

Added comfort at the airport:

After a tiresome flight journey, the last thing a person want is try to find a cab or other forms of public transportation. Luckily, booking an airport chauffeured car service in advance lets you select the specific vehicle you wish. This assures that once you’re ready to go, they are too. There will be no hassle or delays to reach your final destination from the airport.

Chauffeurs know the best route:

Even people with the best of travel plans fail miserably when it comes to ground transportation. Road constructions and rush-hour traffic is a constant worry for travellers. Accidents are also unpredictable and can cause delay for hours. You need the help of a professional chauffeur who know the best route to and from the airport and capable of navigating around these obstacles. A pro chauffeur knows the best & fastest route to take irrespective of the circumstance. They can alter their route easily and still drive you where you wish to be with absolute safety and as little delay as feasible.

So, no more thinking! Just book your Claremont to Lax Transportation with Byrd Limo and enjoy your airport transportation to the fullest.



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