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10 Aug 2021

Why To Have Limousine Service In Glendora From Byrd Limousine Service

If you have to attend special occasions, meetings, or special events in Glendora, the best transport alternative is to have limousine service from Byrd Limousine Service. There are many limousines service companies in Glendora, but we offer the best of transport alternatives. You can choose from a range of options and select the best limo from our fleet of well-maintained cars.

When you select a limousine service in Glendora from us, you need to choose one that fulfills all your travel requirements. There are specific factors to consider selecting the correct package. If you are with us, it is for sure you will have the best limousine service from us.

Type of service

You need to know for what reason you desire to have a limousine service from us. We have a fleet of well-maintained cars from which you can choose. However, your requirements will guide you to select the limo best suited for your purpose. We have a reputation for offering types of services starting from airport transfer to a wedding. Irrespective of the limousine you select, you will have the best car driven by an expert chauffeur.

Quality of service

If you look at the process of training and authorization, level of quality guarantee, and more, you will notice that no other limousine service provider in Glendora can match ours. Likewise, if you have a look at our chauffeurs, you will see that they have the training, professional, and at the same time courteous. Their main objective is to offer you a safe and comfortable journey.

You can ascertain the quality of service you will receive from us by looking at our reviews. It will be hard for you to find a negative review. We have a long list of satisfied and repeated customers who love to have our limousine service.

Vehicle types

If you look at the types of vehicles you can have from us; you will be amazed. Of course, you can expect to have Hummer limo rental, wedding and vintage vehicles, and classic cars from us. But, irrespective of the vehicle type that you select, trained chauffeurs drive those cars.

If you share with us the purpose of your having a limo service, we can recommend the ideal vehicle type that you need to hire.


If you look at the cost that you have to bear having limousine service in Glendora from us, you will notice that no other limousine service provider nearby can match those. Though our cost is the lowest, do not expect to have a substandard service. All our limos have perfect maintenance, cleaning, and sanitization to ensure your safety during travel. Moreover, as the wheels will be in the hands of trained chauffeurs, you can be sure to have a safe and comfortable journey.

When you initially talk with us to book our limo service, we will offer you a price, and that is what you have to pay after having our services. There are no hidden charges, which will bother you while making the final payment. Therefore, you can pay the lowest price and have the best limousine services from us.

Professional chauffeurs 

It is not that only our limousines have perfect maintenance. Our chauffeurs have professional training to drive a limo. They are well dressed, courteous, and know about the area and local traffic conditions. They can be your friendly guide if you visit any place of public interest while traveling.

So, if you desire to have the best limousine service in Glendora, contact us and have a pleasant and comfortable journey.


10 Jul 2021

Choose Byrd Limousine, a reliable SPAB Certified Transportation Company

Hello, happy to see you here at Byrd Limousine. You are wholeheartedly welcomed. We will be very happy to help you. So, are you looking for a transportation service that can provide safe and secured transportation for your children to and from school? Then, you are in the perfect place because Byrd Limousine will help you with your requirement of a safe school transportation service.

Byrd Limousine is very well known for providing reliable limousine services for more than 3 decades. Our services of limousines are admirable for every kind of needs be it for business purpose, for special events like birthdays or parties, airport transportation, and school transportation service. You can completely rely on our service. We won’t disappoint you. We provide our outstanding limo services in Claremont and other surrounding locations. We are very sure that our services will be very much loved by our customers. We always make sure that you have a comfortable and safe ride wherever you go with our excellent limousine. You will enjoy your ride with Byrd Limousine.

SPAB Certified Transportation Company: Byrd Limousine is reliable for school transportation service. Byrd Limousine is a SPAB Certified Transportation Company in Claremont. SPAB stands for School Pupil Activity Bus. This certification ensures the highest safety rating for tour buses by California Highway Patrol. Our school buses follow all the safety guidelines ensuring the safety of kids to and from school activities or school events. SPAB Certification is very important and you must choose a company that has SPAB Certification for safe school transportation services for your kids. If California Highway Patrol gets to know that a limo firm is operating without SPAB Certification then their vehicles will be seized. So, why take the risk when you have Byrd Limousine, a SPAB Certified Transportation Company in Claremont.

We are always concerned about kids’ safety. We make sure that they reach school or from school to home safely and securely. Byrd Limousine always provides a safe and comfortable school transportation service for your kids. We never compromise with the safety of children. Children’s safety is something that Byrd Limousine prioritizes the most. You remain assured that with the SPAB Certified Byrd Limousine, your kids will remain protected and secured. Their safety is our priority and responsibility as well.

Byrd Limousine assures you that it is the most reliable school transportation company to choose for. Choose us for a safe school transportation service. The SPAB Certified Byrd Limousine has excellent chauffeurs so you don’t need to worry because they will take care of your kids from the moment they step into the moment they step out.

Our limos are maintained well and are always kept neat and clean so that our passengers enjoy a comfortable ride in our limos and our limos undergo safety check every month, even our chauffeurs check the vehicle before they go out with it, making sure that the vehicle is safe and in a proper condition to be taken. Every year California Highway Patrol checks our vehicles. Hence, our limousines are safe, well maintained, clean, and neat. So, there is no need to worry about the maintenance of vehicles. We assure you that all our vehicles are in proper and safe conditions.

Why choose Byrd Limousine for school transportation?

  • We have years of experience in this field of limousine services.
  • School buses of Byrd Limousine are SPAB Certified.
  • Our chauffeurs are trained, experienced, professional and diligent.  They have even gone through checks like drug tests and background tests.
  • The buses are always checked from time to time and are kept tidy and even they are checked by California Highway Patrol once a year.
  • Byrd Limousine guarantees safe and comfortable rides to and from schools for your children.

On our website, you can check the photos of vehicles that are available for service and we also have the facility for our customers to come to our office to have a look at the vehicles or if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your queries.

Book the SPAB Certified Byrd Limousine and have a safe and secure to and from school transportation service.

We are ready to serve you. Book our limousines and have a great day.


01 Jun 2021

Byrd Limousine has admirable Limousine Service Rancho Cucamonga

Hello, are you looking for the best limousine service in Claremont then here we are. Byrd Limousine provides the best limo rides to its customers. You will get an amazing limo ride with a great experience. Byrd will surely provide you not only the best limo services but also the safest limo ride. Apart from Claremont, we also provide our limo services in other surrounding cities like Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland, Glendora and as far South to Orange County, Pasadena, Riverside and other areas. We are always  working hard to reach our customers expectations.

Byrd Limousine has luxurious limos for the passengers. We have different limos according to the number of passengers. The different limos available are SUV Sedan, Sedan, Stretch Limousine, SUV Stretch Limousine, Crysler Stretch Limousine, Princess Rolls Limousine and Party Bus Limousine. You can choose from the wide collections of limos available according to your requirements, your budget and the number of passengers. We have limos for every need and also for any type of special occasions. We will certainly provide you best limos and chauffeurs to give you a safe and quality ride. We can pick you up or drop you off at any location we want us to. Our services are always on time. You can completely trust our timing and also our limousine services.

Limousines for various requirements of our customers: We have our services for various needs which includes weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, door to door transportation, school-certified transportation services for students from kindergarten to 12th class, to and from airport services, business conferences, for Quinceanera, for the funeral purpose, we also offer prestigious classic car rides and there are lot more in the list. You can get limos according to your requirements at a good package. You can surely enjoy our every ride. 

Our Specialities: Byrd Limousine has many years of experience in providing limousine services. We are a trusted limousine company in Claremont. Our experiences, our trained chauffeurs, our transparency level, our superior service, our lavish limos and good relationships with our partners and customers has made us a well known limousine company. We always keep our customer’s safety first and make sure that they feel safe throughout the ride. We have well maintained, clean, fresh, new and neat collections of limos. Moreover, our limousines will surely make you comfortable because comfort while travelling is what everyone wants and we therefore make sure that our customers feel comfortable while having our limousine rides.

Limousine Service Rancho Cucamonga: If you are planning to make an occasion memorable then Byrd Limousine company will help you to make it memorable. You can have the best experience with Byrd Limousine, as we have excellent collections of limos that are always kept clean and fresh giving an amazing feeling to our customers. Our services are at a very good package.

Byrd Limousine company is perfectly on time and always punctual. Our services will never disappoint you. We are here to make your special occasion unforgettable. Our limo services are minimum of 3 hours. You just be assured of our service because we will be providing services that will leave you completely awestruck. We have outstanding limousine service Rancho Cucamonga. So, if you are planning for a special occasion and want to make it catchy with limo services then contact us, we will help you to make your special occasion absolutely grand. We are well known for offering stupendous services for any special occasion. Anyone planning to make enduring events then reach out to us, we will provide you excellent limousines.

Choose Byrd Limousine for remarkable limo services: Choosing us is absolutely the right choice when it comes to booking limos for any purpose. We are always the best option for excellent limousines. So here are some of the reasons which make Byrd Limousine service worth choosing.

  • Our so many years of experience give our customers amazing and reliable limo services.
  • 24/7 limo services are available at Byrd Limousine.
  • Affordable packages.
  • Well maintained and clean limousines that give you great comfort.
  • Well trained chauffeurs that make you reach safely and on time at any location you want to.
  • Availability of services in cities surrounding Claremont

So, if you want luxurious limousines for special occasions then Byrd Limousine is the best choice. Contact us for the best and commendable limo services.


31 Mar 2021

What to expect from the best of limousine service and how Byrd Limousine Service surpasses all in Rancho Cucamonga

We at Byrd Limousine Service, a reputed limo association, offer the best limousine service in Rancho Cucamonga with the objective that we can give our clients the ideal limousine organization. We offer services to all occasions, including weddings, proms, wine visits, birthday festivities, bachelor and bachelorette parties, commemorations, date nights, and many other events and occasions. 

Byrd Limousine Service

At any rate, what unequivocally do you get having our limo services? You get their essential mission to give 100% customer devotion. 

Timely service 

Having the limo services from us at Byrd Limousine Service will save time and much more. Indeed, you might be imagining that you are acting in a Hollywood film if you plan to get a taxi. However, that is not the ideal one when you are in a hurry. It is wise to plan and book our limousine service in Rancho Cucamonga , so our all-around maintained limo driven by an expert chauffeur will be at your place to take you to the destination.  

Reliability you can have

We are the one on whom you can depend on having the best limo service in the entire Claremont and surrounding area. There could never be a time; you need to trust that our taxi will show up when you have things and different possessions to convey. We would arrive before time with the goal that you arrive well early while having problem-free transportation. 

Hassle-free ride 

Envision the condition you would be in, all the stuff venturing outside the airport and attempting to have a taxi and being declined times and once more. Then again, having our administration, you can have a hassle-free ride while our trained chauffeur manages all your luggage and Monitoring the traffic conditions.

Byrd Limousine Service

Professional services 

You can hope to have the best of professionalism rather than the unpredictable conduct of a cab driver. Our chauffeurs have professional training to offer you the best administration, and they will welcome you with politeness and courtesy. Likewise, you will have the most secure of a ride, and the wheels would be in the hand of a professional driver. 

Luxurious services

Our priority is to offer luxurious services. While offering the best limousine service in Rancho Cucamonga, we guarantee that luxury does not have a compromise at any stage. At Byrd Limousine Service, we are committed to conveying what precisely you might want and endeavor to go past your expectations, leaving you with the luxurious experience of a ride.

How we outperform others 

As with any customer-centric service, limo service should be a pleasing experience for the customer. We try to make this a reality by surpassing your desires. We incorporate few aspects into our services, helping us offer you better limousine services than any transport organization in Claremont. 

Understand Each Client 

Our chauffeurs are set up to grasp and change in accordance with the personality of each client. It is their commitment to making you feel extraordinary as long as you are with them. A huge piece of accomplishing that task is considering the client’s personality. Try not to stress over it. On the other hand, they are more than prepared to partake in a conversation should you like to take a break with light conversation. 

Anticipating Your Needs 

We appreciate that our clients are extraordinary individuals and thus require assorted treatment. For example, a couple of clients may feel awkward with the driver taking care of them always, while others value the excess inclination that such treatment brings. Our drivers can see and change in accordance with the differentiation. 

stretch limousines

Working in Excellence 

From the time that you connect with us to the time you land at your destination; it is our sole objective to give the ideal help. Our accommodating agents are there to help you book viably and that your limo arrives advantageously. At the same time, the drivers are considerate all through the length of your drive. Your all-out satisfaction is our sole goal; we attempt to accomplish it by giving great assistance from start to finish. 

Exceed Your Expectations with Our Limousine Service 

You may consider a couple of novel choices for your limo service needs. Regardless, just one out of each odd provider offers a comparable level of service. As a local transport organization with a strong reputation for quality services, we do not want anything more than to acquire your business. Contact us today to witness for yourself how we attempt to surpass your desires.


29 Feb 2020

Reasons To Have Limo Service And That Too From Byrd Limousine Service

Despite the way that you are coming to Glendora for an excursion or a work excursion, it is essential that you get around effortlessly, style and consistency. Our luxurious limousine service in Glendora offers all of you this and the sky is the limit from there. By employing our fleet of vehicles, you can gain admittance to a wide scope of alternatives to browse; in this manner, you can be very certain that you will get the best limo administration in Claremont as per your requirements.

Regardless of whether you’re going with an enormous gathering or need a ride to some meeting from your hotel, you don’t have to stress any longer in light of the fact that our vans and affordable limo administration can deal with it for you.

What do you get? 

Byrd Limousine Service offers ‘on-schedule, constantly’ extravagance limo administration in Claremont. Alongside that, we likewise offer point-to-point and airport transportation administration for our corporate clients and relaxation time travels in Glendora.

At Byrd Limousine Service, you can take a few to get back some composure of our reasonable costs before you book a limo administration. This is because you can profit total straightforwardness and there are no charging shocks with us. So, as to make your moving experience progressively helpful, we gather all the payment data before your ride so you can leave easily with receipts that are consequently produced toward the finish of the excursion.

Byrd Limousine Service

We offer the accompanying to our clients and travelers:

  • Safe and defensive training to the drivers
  • Water bottles and cell phone chargers for every one of our travelers
  • Preparation and guarded maintenance of every one of our vehicles on everyday schedule
  • The decency of our administration principles for offering customized limo administration
  • Arriving on the spot earlier to pick up because of our strategic arranging

What would you be able to do? 

By employing our limo administration, visiting Claremont and places close by can turn out to be simple, progressively effective and agreeable. With an enormous scope of vehicle classifications to browse, you are will undoubtedly discover a vehicle in Glendora that best meet your prerequisites regardless of whether you are voyaging alone or with a gathering of six in this way, evade all the unsettling influence and travel in extravagance, style and solace with our issue free limo administration.

All our limo administration drivers have proper training; experience and devotion furthermore, they have gigantic information on the locality. They never neglect to keep up the best expectations of polished skill and watchfulness. At the end of the day, as a rider or a traveler of our limo administration, you will get the extra significant serenity in regards to the way that you will land at your foreordained spot in a totally protected, sound and solid way.

In this way, presently there is no compelling reason to stress over having the security you need to unwind after a long excursion or to get ready for an approaching gathering ahead. Since you will never have an excursion in our comfortable and lavish limo vehicle environment you will have a pleasant time during your travel in Glendora. Our limo vehicle driver would be satisfied to take you there and furthermore would look out for calls while you visit your ideal spots.

There is more! 

You can likewise hire our limo administration for ‘to-and-from’ the airport. There will be no compelling reason to burn through your time holding up in long, tedious lines for a taxi or steer an obscure public vehicle framework. Our airport transfer vehicle administration will get you to and from wherever you need in Claremont. Our limousine administration has the explicit intention to make your visit the best ever. Regardless of whether you need to go shopping in Glendora, you can contract our limo car driver who will direct you around and look out for calls while you appreciate the city’s shopping centers.

Byrd Limousine Service

With our limo administration, you should simply take as much time as necessary and unwind. Our airport transportation and pickups incorporate free waiting time. Every single other pickup incorporates a free waiting time too. In addition, we have no concealed charges. We offer reasonable comprehensive costs that incorporate all the expenses, charges and tips. On the off chance, that if there are any adjustments in your arrangement, we offer free cancellation.

Lamentably, there are just a couple of vehicle benefits that truly realize how to get you what you need other than us in Claremont.

It turned out to be a serious basic propensity to expect only an appropriate ride. In addition, that is the thing that ought to be a typical thing about driving, any place you are. Fortunately, for you, Byrd Limousine Service is one of the individuals who will never let you down for any driving issue, hence you ought to think about having a charming ride with our solid assistance!

Where Comfort Meets Quality for Your Pleasure 

We are a vehicle administration that realizes how to make you fulfilled. In the event that you are going to check limo service, you should realize that we have various sorts of vehicles on which you can rely on, and what is considered increasingly significant, our limousines are agreeable and quality too, so your drive with us ought to be only a life-changing encounter. In the event that you are going to get married, have a prom, or simply need a tasteful limousine administration for your requirements, we are the one on whom you can depend on.

On the off chance that you are about to arrive at Claremont, our service will take care of you.

Luxurious Limousine Rental in Claremont

We likewise give unique Party Bus Rental, which is without a doubt the most helpful assistance for your airport transportation. On the off chance, that you mean to land in Claremont and still need an appropriate vehicle administration that can get you to the town right away our administration is the one you ought to consider and we’ll try to meet your tight calendar whenever you state.

Security comes first with our service 

One of the greatest qualities of our administration is without a doubt our concern for clients. That implies that we care about. We value our customer’s security the most; subsequently, our drivers not only just have training but have years of experience. What’s more, their fundamental undertaking is to get you free from any potential harm in any place you go. In the event that you are going to reschedule your driving plans too.


17 Feb 2020

Best Limousine Services Near Me

When you are looking for “professional limo rental near me,” you will probably find a lot of options available. What you should focus on is not just the cheapest possible rates, but also on safety, luxury, reliability, and customer service.

This is the most common question that many people search for when they need luxury transportation services – “where can I find luxury limousine rental near me?” So when your special occasion calls for special transportation, We are the one to fulfill your needs. We provide timely-service, incredibly clean and well-maintained limo.

We take away the burden and let our dependable chauffeurs do what they do best. Our courteous, experienced, and flexible chauffeurs know the area and routes and can adjust to any revisions in your plan. We will accommodate every need of yours, to make our limo service a personalized one that works for you, for any occasion, and every time.

Below are the 5 special occasions when you need to search and hire the best ‘limousine rental near me.’

Bachelorette Party: 

Throwing a bachelorette party in a limousine is a superb idea to celebrate the bride-to-be’s transition from singlehood to marital bliss. Partying in a confined space inside a limo can be an intimate way for the bride-to-be to spend time together with her friends.

A limousine offers endless entertainment facilities, including strobe lights and a dance floor to keep attendees occupied. Introduce fun elements by playing games, dancing, and hiring male strippers for the entire ride.

Prom Night: 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime affair that marks your child’s transition to adulthood. Celebrate this by hiring a chauffeured limousine ride to the prom venue. By this, you can make sure that your child has fun while being in safe hands. Many luxury limousine rentals provide special packages for teenagers that includes nonalcoholic drinks, a surprise goodie bag, and a slice of cake to savor.

Wine Tours: 

Going on a wine tour is another good reason to search for the ‘best limousine rental near me.’ Pamper yourself with a relaxing experience by sitting back and being chauffeured to the wineries of your choice. Many limousine companies also offer special packages to accommodate corporate groups and couples.


A birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Why not celebrate it in an extravagant way by hiring a limousine?

Throw the party for a few intimate guests in the limousine and enjoy a drink of your choice with the selection of cocktail at the bar. Riding in a limousine is also a grand way of spending time before arriving at a fine restaurant for the celebration dinner.


Add that special touch to your friend’s wedding by hiring a limo. The bride and groom can arrive at the wedding venue and ride back to their destination in style in a limo. This will definitely be one of the highlights of the wedding day.

Affordable Limousine Rental Near Me Service Is Waiting For You

As we cater to the best limousine rental near you service, we will always make an effort that you get only the best and luxury vehicles like party buses, limos, cars, and vintage vehicles for your ride. When it comes to renting a limousine for a certain time period, you can check out our special deal available limousine rental near me that will make sure that you get your ride just in time.



We are ready to serve you 24/7.

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